Topsecret treasure chest is a hidden clue in this adventure.

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"Topsecret Hunts are Utah's most creative and challenging treasure hunts."


Topsecret treasure chest is a hidden clue in this adventure.

Explore and compete with a Monthly Hunt or schedule private treasure hunts for your parties, family reunions, etc.

Topsecret treasure hunt clue hidden behind a sign.

Follow the clue. Find the Topsecret Hunts signs. Scan the QR code on the sign to earn points and move to the next clue! If you get stuck, give up points for a hint!

Two lovebirds on a treasure hunt adventure.

Sign up, invite friends to join your team, and get your game face on. You can sign up anytime before or during the hunt, and you can hunt anytime within the open window.

Two women finding a treasure chest.

Winners of our treasure hunts gain respect and notoriety on the top of the leaderboard.


Pre-hunt my life sucked, but post-hunt my life rocked my socks.
Abby Goodey
This treasure hunt was the most fun that I have had all year.
Trevor Nye

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